Sheboygan County Food Bank

Sheboygan County Food Bank Joins Partnership for a Healthier America’s Healthy Hunger Relief Initiative

We are excited to announce that Sheboygan County Food Bank (SCFB) has joined the Partnership for a Healthier America’s (PHA) Healthy Hunger Relief initiative to further uplift the health and well-being of Sheboygan County. SCFB will work with PHA, the national nonprofit organization fighting for food to address hunger, malnutrition, and chronic disease by increasing the supply of healthier options and decreasing the supply of unhealthy options.

“PHA’s Healthy Hunger Relief partners serve as the foundation of our mission to transform the food landscape in pursuit of food equity,” said Nancy E. Roman, President & CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America. “Through our work together, we’re ensuring that communities and families all across the country have access to healthier, high-quality, culturally relevant, and nutritious foods.”

How does this partnership work? Sheboygan County Food Bank, along with 29 other new Healthy Hunger Relief partners across the nation, will receive support from PHA to implement a comprehensive nutrition ranking system, developed by experts at Healthy Eating Research, over the next two years. In addition, PHA will provide technical assistance to help partners understand the nutritional quality of their inventory and make strategic decisions within and across food categories to improve nutritional quality, enhancing food equity for the communities they serve.
Sheboygan County Food Bank has received $70,000 in grant funding from PHA to establish the foundation needed to implement a nutrition ranking system and to support the distribution of nutritionally dense fresh produce.

Patrick Boyle, Executive Director of Sheboygan County Food Bank, said, “We are thrilled to work with PHA on this exciting initiative. This will allow us to purchase and distribute fresh produce for families in need throughout the county and also become more accountable for the nutritional value of the food we distribute. We can’t thank PHA enough for this wonderful opportunity!”

PHA’s Healthy Hunger Relief initiative currently works with 28 partners, reaches more than 7 million Americans, and has introduced 115 million pounds of healthy food into the emergency food system, while removing 19 million pounds of low nutrition food. By welcoming 30 new partners to the program like SCFB, PHA’s Healthy Hunger Relief work will double in reach and span across 18 states, impacting more than 14 million Americans with good food. PHA’s Healthy Hunger Relief work is now in 30% of all food banks across the country.

Photo left to right: Tammy Skelton (Volunteer), Mike Skelton (Volunteer), Liz Kroll (Senior Director of Programs and Community Impact), and Jodie Zajkowski (Warehouse Manager and Volunteer Coordinator).