Sheboygan Cares Food Pantry

Sheboygan County Food Bank provides healthy and fresh emergency food, twice a week, at its onsite drive-thru food pantry.


Common Questions You Might Have

If it’s your first time visiting, please call 920-453-0136 on Tuesdays or Thursdays (9 AM – 11 AM) or Wednesdays (5 PM – 7 PM) to register and make an appointment. Appointments can be made for Mondays (5 PM – 7 PM) and Wednesdays (10 AM – 12 PM). You may schedule one appointment, or set up an ongoing appointment, up to once per week. You will get a swipe card and someone else may pick up on behalf of you by bringing the swipe card.

You do not need to get out of your vehicle. Please drive slowly (5 mph) when you’re driving in the drive-thru. Volunteers will greet you at your window and safely place food in your back seat or trunk.

Yes, many people in Sheboygan County are working and are able to get food at food pantries.

There are many government programs that can also help you. See the list of Other Emergency Food Programs below.

Volunteers and staff members who work at food pantries and community meals are friendly, understanding, and there to help you. They want you to feel welcome and get you the help you need.

Sheboygan County Emergency Food Information

Sheboygan County Food Pantry Calendar
Calendario de Despensa de Alimentos (Spanish)

Other Emergency Food Programs

Federal, state, and local programs work to end hunger in Sheboygan County. Sheboygan County Food Bank supports federal and state anti-hunger programs that act as the first line of defense against hunger and integrates local services where possible. Learn more about these programs below.

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