Sheboygan County Food Bank

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How to Find Help

Sheboygan County Food Bank helps provide and deliver healthy, emergency food to food pantries in Sheboygan County. You can find the help you need by visiting these food pantries at the location, day, and time that works best for you.

Sheboygan County Emergency Food Information

Common Questions You Might Have

No, we are a “food bank.” We collect, store, and deliver healthy emergency food to our network of partner agencies, including food pantries. If you are in need of emergency food, please use our Sheboygan County Emergency Food Assistance Map above, or look at the Sheboygan County Food Pantry Calendar to plan a visit.
Sheboygan County Food Bank has an onsite drive-thru food pantry, called Sheboygan Cares Food Pantry, to provide healthy and fresh emergency food. Learn more here.

If you are in need of emergency food, please look at the Sheboygan County Food Pantry Calendar to see times, locations, contact information, and other important information about food pantries and free community meals in Sheboygan County.

Please read each food pantry’s requirements carefully on our Sheboygan County Emergency Food Assistance map above, or on the Sheboygan County Food Pantry Calendar. Most food pantries prefer that you to bring your own bag, or box. 
Some food pantries may require:

  • Proof of your current address.
  • Proof of your earnings.
  • Proof of number of members in your household.
  • Your photo ID.
  • An appointment to be scheduled before your visit.
  • Registering ahead of time, or at your first visit, to get a food pantry swipe card.
There are many government programs that can also help you. See the list of Other Emergency Food Programs below.
Yes, many people in Sheboygan County are working and are able to get food at food pantries.
Volunteers and staff members who work at food pantries and community meals are friendly, understanding, and there to help you. They want you to feel welcome and get you the help you need.

Other Emergency Food Programs

Federal, state, and local programs work to end hunger in Sheboygan County. Sheboygan County Food Bank supports federal and state anti-hunger programs that act as the first line of defense against hunger and integrates local services where possible. Learn more about these programs below.