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Food+ for Neighbors

Sheboygan County Food Bank is dedicated to providing healthy and fresh emergency food to families through our network of food pantries along with a dignified client intake process.

Food+ for neighbors

How Does it Work?

Food+ for Neighbors provides access to healthy local emergency food and assistance to improve our neighbor’s food security.  Sheboygan County Food Bank accomplishes this by distributing food through its network and coordinating a dignified client intake process at its own Sheboygan Cares Food Pantry and in partnership with partner food pantries.

The client intake process ensures the right amount of food is given to clients and creates an opportunity for personalized support for clients beyond directly providing access to emergency food.  In this way, SCFB is expanding from the traditional food bank model by going a step further and connecting our neighbors to community resources and federal nutrition programs that directly help increase their food security.

  • Step 1

    A client or family representative seeking emergency food begins by calling SCFB's Food Pantry Manager (FPM) to start the intake process.

  • Step 2

    The FPM asks the client basic questions that have been carefully structured to gather demographic data. Demographic data includes race/ethnicity, household size, age ranges, residence status (homeless, or not homeless), language(s) spoken, and self-declared income.

  • Step 3

    SCFB then provides a unique card for the client to access food pantries once per week. The card is digitally connected to the intake data collected. When a client visits a food pantry, he or she shares their card with the food pantry representative to be scanned. This ensures that families receive enough food to feed the client's family size.

Sheboygan County Food Bank CARES about its clients...

and is dedicated to helping them overcome challenges that are contributing to their food insecurity.  Beyond gathering important data and allocating food, the new process also gives the FPM an opportunity to refer clients to other applicable resources offered through multiple community organizations.  The FPM references a resource guide during the initial phone call with the client.  Resource examples are safe housing options, employment leads, financial assistance, mental health support, child care opportunities, and transportation services.  If a client is not enrolled in FoodShare, he or she is referred to SCFB’s Food Share Assistant.

Tracy Krause

FoodShare Assistant

Meet our
FoodShare Assistant

FoodShare is Wisconsin’s first line of defense against hunger.  Called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP nationally, this federal program provides food buying power at the grocery store through an EBT card called QUEST.  Eligibility is based upon household income and size.  The program requires proof of income, expenses and household members.

Tracy’s role involves assisting residents of Sheboygan County with enrolling in FoodShare, including seeing if they qualify, helping them in the application process, and answering any related questions they may have.  Tracy also provides resources for local emergency food assistance and other available support.  She regularly visits food pantries and other public places throughout Sheboygan County to share resources and work with individuals face-to-face and also is available via email and phone.

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