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Food+ for Neighbors

Sheboygan County Food Bank is dedicated to making sure nutritious and culturally-relevant food reaches local families in need.

Food+ for neighbors

How Does it Work?

Food+ for Neighbors maximizes access to emergency food and other basic necessities for our neighbors to make sure that no one in Sheboygan County goes hungry. We do this by delivering food through a network of diverse organizations and addressing the root causes of hunger through a dignified client intake process.

Food and personal care items go directly to our neighbors through our onsite Sheboygan Cares Food Pantry, partner food pantries, and a variety of other organizations. By providing culturally-relevant and nutritious food items to all organizations, Food+ for Neighbors helps support a range of races and ethnic groups, including refugees.

  • Step 1

    Individuals or family representatives seeking emergency food begin by calling a designated phone number to start the intake process.

  • Step 2

    A staff member or volunteer gathers basic data from the clients, connects them with our FoodShare Assistant, and shares other resources offered by local organizations. Some examples of other referable resources include safe housing options, employment leads, financial assistance, mental health support, child care opportunities, and transportation services.

  • Step 3

    We give a unique card to each client so they can visit food pantries, once per week, and receive food to help nourish themselves and their families.

Sheboygan County Food Bank cares about our neighbors in need.

Sheboygan County Food Bank is committed to helping our neighbors overcome challenges that are contributing to their food insecurity. Food+ for Neighbors works to provide health-building and personalized support for our neighbors by making sure they have nutritious and familiar foods, while also connecting them to programs, resources, and referrals that will positively impact their lives. 

Tracy Krause

FoodShare Assistant

Meet our
FoodShare Assistant

FoodShare (also known as Food Stamps or SNAP) is Wisconsin’s first line of defense against hunger, providing grocery and farmers market dollars to families who qualify based on income and household size. Our FoodShare Assistant is available by phone, text, email and in-person meetings to assist clients by seeing if they qualify, helping them submit the application and/or renewal processes, troubleshooting any application issues, and answering any related questions.

Help make sure nutritious and culturally-relevant food reaches local families in need.