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Food for Thought for Kids

(Weekend Backpack Program)

Did you know that about 5,000 children in Sheboygan County are living with hunger? Studies show that children who are hungry have a hard time focusing in school, are likely to fall behind academically, become at risk for illness and poor attendance, and often have low self-esteem and lack of energy.

Food for Thought for Kids is one of Sheboygan County Food Bank’s ongoing programs in partnership with 24 local schools that’s dedicated to supporting children facing hunger. We work with teachers, counselors, principals, and volunteers to make sure children who don’t have enough food to eat on the weekends get a bag filled with 10 nutritious items, including fresh fruit and other easy-to-eat food, at the end of each school week.

Making sure children have food when they don’t have access to school meals is critical. Food for Thought for Kids fills the gap between the federally-funded school breakfast and lunch programs and FoodShare (Food Stamps), allowing children in our community to grow and thrive.

Sheboygan County Food Bank supports hundreds of children in our community by distributing bags of 10 nutritious items, including fresh fruit and other easy-to-eat food.

We partner with 26 schools in school districts throughout Sheboygan County:

Help make a difference for children facing hunger in our community.