Host a Food Drive

Food Drives are one of the best ways to help.  Let us help you organize all the details to assure you collect the healthy food we need.

COVID-19 Update: Sheboygan County Food Bank is closed to the public, but remaining open in service to our partners who serve seniors, families, and children throughout Sheboygan County. Cash donations to purchase food items will be of critical help to Sheboygan County Food Bank during this time to cover shortfalls in food donations and meet the increased demand. Cash donations of any amount are graciously accepted and it is the easiest, safest way to help. Our Sheboygan County Hunger Relief Food Fund supports healthy food purchases in response to COVID-19 in our community. If you would like to donate now, please click here. We thank you for in advance for your generous support.

For more information on our emergency response and the latest updates related to emergency food distribution in Sheboygan County, please click here.

Your Food Drive Checklist

Decide when you want to host a food drive and when the food collection boxes will be available for food contributions. Food drives can be stand-alone events, or associated with another activity.

Please fill out the food drive form below so that we can contact you and help you with your plans.

Set a goal for the number of pounds of food you want to collect and promote your food drive on social media by tagging us at @shebctyfoodbank so that we can help you spread the word! Use the Food Drive 5 Poster to help your contributors know what to bring.

We are happy to help you by providing, delivering, and picking up collection boxes for your food drive.
Review our Healthy Food Policy as a guideline for the best types of food to collect. Monitor your collection and let us know if you need more boxes.

Food Drive Registration Form

Let us help you plan the details of your Food Drive. Please complete this form.


Food Drive Ideas

Need a theme or purpose to wrap around your food drive?  Try these ideas:

  • Birthday parties
  • Special movie or documentary showings
  • Weight loss challenges
  • Sports events (in-person or on TV)
  • Community dances
  • Halloween parties, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating
  • Christmas or other holiday parties
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Check Out Our Healthy Food Policy