We’re Dedicated to Making Sure no one in Sheboygan County Goes Hungry.

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What We Do

Mission: Lead Sheboygan County’s efforts to increase the food security of its residents by distributing healthy emergency food and fostering innovative partnerships.

Sheboygan County Food Bank distributes food to food pantries in Sheboygan County. Food pantries, our partner agencies, put food into the hands of our neighbors who need it most.

About Hunger

About Hunger

Sheboygan County Food Bank tracks the latest sources to bring you information about our neighbor’s hunger needs in Sheboygan County.



We welcome the community to come to events that benefit Sheboygan County Food Bank. We want you to enjoy yourselves while helping us help others.

Signature Partners

Signature Partners

Signature Partners are the people who saw a need in our community and started programs to meet those needs.

Hunger Blog

Did you know that on any given day, about 11,000 of our neighbors in Sheboygan County may struggle with hunger?

Our neighbors who are suffering from hunger are children, people living with disabilities, veterans, elderly people living off fixed incomes, working families who can’t provide enough food for their entire family, people suffering from mental illness, and those going through financially strained times of their lives as a result of income changes, medical debt, and accidents.

Our Hunger Blog keeps you informed.

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