Because of donors and friends throughout the County, Sheboygan County Food Bank (SCFB) has been quickly developing as an organization to meet the needs of hungry people in Sheboygan County. One of the biggest challenges we face is that hunger remains a serious problem that is mostly hidden in our community. Many people are still unaware of SCFB and the work we do to fight hunger. To address this challenge, we need to increase the awareness of SCFB and get more people and organizations involved in the fight against hunger. With more visibility and recognition of SCFB, we hope to increase our healthy food and monetary donations.

To help achieve these objectives, we determined that a brand refresh and new brand identity was needed. The new brand introduction to the public will occur on September 18th, 2019.

Please note that we are only changing the look of the Food Bank and all our operations, strategic goals and initiatives remain the same. We continue our dedication to directly addressing the food needs of each of our hungry neighbors, every day.

Patrick Boyle, Executive Director of the Sheboygan County Food Bank, said “We are very excited to share our new look with the community. We hope this builds awareness that hunger remains a serious problem in Sheboygan County and we hope to inspire the community to help us fight it by donating money or healthy food.”

Special thanks to our friends at Sargento and Ogilvy for their mentorship, expertise, and pro bono work in helping us create our new brand identity.