Welcome, Northview Elementary School Faculty and Parents!

During the COVID-19 crisis, many more of our neighbors have relied on emergency food supplied by Sheboygan County Food Bank through our partner food pantries – climbing to as many as 9,465 families served within just one month in 2020 (almost triple the amount of families served compared to January 2020).

Sheboygan County Food Bank has been facing the unique challenge of  serving many more of our neighbors while also losing out on significant food donations from our partner food drive events, community food drives, and grocery store gleaning program. Learn more about our emergency response here.

More of our neighbors will be hungry this holiday season and looking ahead into 2021, we’re anticipating a long economic recovery. We continue to consistently serve about double the amount of families these past few months compared to before this crisis began.

Monetary donations will continue to be critical and the easiest, safest way to help. We thank you in advance for your generous support!

Fundraiser dates: November 23 – December 18

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